Monday, February 28, 2005

A contest deadline upcoming at Pitt.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Lo! the "same boring crap since 1930" aesthetic behind Poetry Chicago seems to be changing!

More contests. Not that I'm actually advocating any of them. Submit @ yr own discretion.

Pitt Press (which reminds me, Dean's new book is out of the cage and kick'n ass)

Fence (which reminds me, why bother?)

Poetry Center of Chicago (not a book contest)

Others we should know of? Please tell. One of us will break through, and once that happen, look out... it'll be like dominos, if dominos were monkeys.

Speaking of monkeys, some nice poems by Salamun.

And finally, a snipit on Ashbery at the hallowed academy.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

It looks like this blog is up and running...amuck. Just kidding. Good to see you finally on this blog, Nikki. Welcome! What is everyone up to these days - sitting, writing, getting published?

And Winder...I do not think you are allowed to be self-proclaimed as the prodigal left without defining your profile!

Before I wrap up I must say
Congratulations to Jorge and Beth and welcome their little bundle of joy into this world, Henry Thomas.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Yes, happy belated birthday, Vicky! (And thanks for inviting me for the 3rd time...finally didn't self-destruct the sign-up).

Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Missing Shoe

A strange castaway of the miscellaneous quotidian for y'all:

Nikki got a new pair of Teva hiking shoes Friday which she had been wanting for months. She is very stoked about them--they’re comfy and sharp and she could probably hike to the South Pole in them. Early this afternoon she was surprised to find only one shoe in the hallway. [We keep our shoes in the hallway, which is shared by the building (it’s really only a house, converted into two apartments, upstairs and downstairs.).] The other was nowhere to be found. We looked for a good 20-25 minutes. Nothing. She began to fear that someone came in while we were asleep last night and stole the shoe. Unlikely as it seemed, I was starting to believe it, since we covered every inch of our apartment. It’s one thing to lose a shoe... but a brand new shoe! a totally kick-ass shoe! Aghghg, this was getting frustrating. I felt like this was the plot of some grim Eastern European short story... à la Gogol. Finally, I took her coat from the hall tree, and voilà, there was the shoe, dangling from a hook on the hood! Somehow the lace had gotten caught on it... So very strange.

And I second Joe: Happy Belated Birthday, Vicky!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Even though it's a couple days late, Happy Birthday, Vicky.