Monday, January 31, 2005

Bookprize deadlines, FYIs...


National Poetry Series

Verse Press

now someone go win one of these...

Others worth noting?

Friday, January 21, 2005

Last night we saw two fascinating 20th century specimens @ the museum here: the On the Road scroll, entirely rolled out (all 120 feet!), and a series of Joseph Cornell's collage films, the highlight of which was an actual boxing match between a man and a kangaroo!

Anyhow, here's a whack poem I translated as part of my thesis. It's one of Dotremont's logogrammes, which are both paintings and poems.">

In Tervuren the taxi to Brussels

In Tervuren the taxi to Brussels, in Brussels the train for Copenhagen, train to boat over the Baltic, in Copenhagen the train for Mjölby, Sweden, train to boat over the Oeresund, in Mjölby the train for Boden, in Boden the train for Haparanda, in Haparanda the taxi for Tornio, Finland, in Tornio the train for Rovaniemi, in Rovaniemi the mail car for Ivalo, in Ivalo the mail car for Kaamanen, in Kaamanen the mail carrier to Sevettijärvi, in Sevettijärvi nothing but sleighs pulled by reindeer, and also the slowness, absolute at last, as if I were dead, going alone to nothing but enourmous snow, ice, stars and air, so much air that my breath pulls me, as if I were alive

[p. 465, Oeuvres Poetiques Completes. logogramme of Indian ink on paper, 73 X 55 cm. Reproduced and transcribed in the exhibition catalogue Dotremont, Logogrammes, XXXVIe Biennale de Venise, Pavillon belge, 1972, and in Max Loreau’s Dotremont Logogrammes, Editions Georges Fall, Paris, 1975, p. 47.]

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nate and I have poetry in the new issue of Gutcult.