Saturday, September 24, 2005

Joe posted this question re: Broken Flowers a while ago.

"And a discussion topic for the non-poets out there too. Have any of you seen Broken Flowers? What did you think? It's more conventional than Jarmusch’s work typically is. Is this good, bad, neutral? I know I tend to think accessibility generally hinders a movie, but it doesn’t really bother me here."

posted by Joseph @ 4:26 PM

We finally saw the movie last week. Funny thing: as accessible as this may be for Jarmusch, it still seems pretty far from fulfilling an audience's Hollywoodod-esque expectations. Nikki's parents saw the movie over the summer and called us immediately to tell us how much they hated it and almost walked out on it!

That gave us a natural predisposition toward liking the film -- but seriously, when we saw it we loved it. It manages to be awkward, sad and funny all at once. The most unconventionalal aspects, I felt, were its relatively low use of dramatic music and its non-closure. I loved both of these aspects -- in fact, I feel like they made the film a success. So I guess I wonder what was it that you saw as the more accessible elements (I realize you meant that in comparison to his other films--the only one of which I've seen is Dead Man Walking); and did anyone see these elements as a problem?


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