Friday, March 17, 2006

Oh Woe is Technology!

Of course you know what happened... I wrote about half my shuffle notes and a few days later my computer crashed & I had to reformat the bum. I'm still recovering! But I've enjoyed the notes, guys. I think my songs were: 1. A Depeche Mode song of their new album, which isn't all that; 2. "Les Succettes," an awsome Serge track from Comic Strips. Good & dirty. 3. Morrissey "Suedehead" -- ah, takes me back. 4. something by Califone. 5. A Joy Division track. Sweet glum!

... Matt, I'm on my third frickn' iPod. I think I'm a magnet for technology bad luck. At least I purchased Apple's extra warranty, so they've replaced the piece of dung for free both times it's gone kurplunk...


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