Monday, March 20, 2006

Here is my belated post. I am happy to announce I've had my mini (aka Goldie Sawng) for 1.5 years with no problem. 4 mgs of pure don't-talk-to-me-on-the-bus Power.

Hard to Love a Man –Magnolia Electric Company
Cool. I like this song—I've been putting it on all my play lists. It sounds kind of like the Will Oldham stuff. Got some violin, then the nice lady starts in with the harmony. Very much kind of sad bastard music. My favorite song on the CD.

Starshine –Gorillaz
I just started listening to this band—they are cartoons, which is a nice quality. Anyway very groovy. This one has kind of creepy voice and she keeps saying Starshine over a slowed down, slick beat. Little Reggae-ish. Seems like a cool song to have on in the back ground while you're having a party. Not my favorite by them, but I like it. I like this band enough to consider cheating on this 5 song in a row thing and putting in a song I like more by them, but I resist.

He Woke Me Up Again – Sufjan Stevens
Oh snap. I love these songs on Seven Swans, so nice and clean. Not so orchestrated. Plus those angelic backup singers. I was asleep and he woke me up again—very nice. I think people are getting tired of him and can see why. Still I think Seven Swans is outside of reproach. These songs are pretty stripped down and refreshing.

Clown Towne – Xui Xui
Now I'm on a roll. Maybe my favorite Xui Xui song and high up there on my list of favorite songs in general. This song is so weird and simultaneously inviting and unnerving. Nice melody/jarring percussion. Dramatic voice/pretty sentimental lyrics “Clowne Towne, single angle. Clown Town, no exit” & among my favorites lyrics anywhere, during a rather chaotic crescendo, “Your true self has become weak and alone and annoying. A true ridiculous dumb ass.” I love it because it's not full of self-loathing, but a more quotidian “why-the-hell-did-i-do-that” kind slap in the forehead. It utterly contrasts the wonderful percussive quality.

Method Man (Skunk Mix) –Wu-Tang Clan
Shit yeah. This song is nice—Method is pretty smooth “Get on down with your bad self” I love some Wu-Tang. Nice to work out to. “A tisket a tasket” That is a good way to end right? Whitey McPoetry listening to the Wu at the Y. M=E=T=H=O=D MAN


Blogger Charlemagne said...

Here here to the Xiu Xiu. Seriously people, if you haven't gotten into this band yet, you should. They are hard to listen to at first and at times, but it is very rewarding when you "get" them. I would go for the album "Fabulous Muscles" to start you off. Or get these songs on iTunes from various albums: "Clowne Towne" "Bog People" "I Luv the Valley, Oh!" and "Crank Heart".

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