Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Missing Shoe

A strange castaway of the miscellaneous quotidian for y'all:

Nikki got a new pair of Teva hiking shoes Friday which she had been wanting for months. She is very stoked about them--they’re comfy and sharp and she could probably hike to the South Pole in them. Early this afternoon she was surprised to find only one shoe in the hallway. [We keep our shoes in the hallway, which is shared by the building (it’s really only a house, converted into two apartments, upstairs and downstairs.).] The other was nowhere to be found. We looked for a good 20-25 minutes. Nothing. She began to fear that someone came in while we were asleep last night and stole the shoe. Unlikely as it seemed, I was starting to believe it, since we covered every inch of our apartment. It’s one thing to lose a shoe... but a brand new shoe! a totally kick-ass shoe! Aghghg, this was getting frustrating. I felt like this was the plot of some grim Eastern European short story... à la Gogol. Finally, I took her coat from the hall tree, and voilà, there was the shoe, dangling from a hook on the hood! Somehow the lace had gotten caught on it... So very strange.

And I second Joe: Happy Belated Birthday, Vicky!


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