Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I'm going to see the Magnetic Fields on May 7 in Northampton, MA.

On the subject of prose poems, I've been poring through Ashbery interviews for a paper I'm writing on "The Tennis Court Oath," and Ashbery had this to say about prose poems in '72:

NYQ: What criteria do you use in deciding between writing a free verse or a prose poem?

JA: I don't think I have any criteria. It's what seems suitable at the moment and I can't say any more than that. The prose is something quite new; I had written one or two prose poems many years ago and not found it to be a particularly interesting form and then it began to creep into a couple of poems in THE DOUBLE DREAM OF SPRING and then suddenly the idea of it occurred to me as something new in which the arbitrary division of poems into lines would be abolished. One wouldn't have to have these interfering and scanning the process of one's thought as one was writing; the poetic form would be dissolved, in solution, and therefore create a much more--I hate to say environmental because it's a bad word--but more of a surrounding thing like the way one's consciousness is surrounded by one's thoughts.


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