Friday, April 23, 2004

Jorge, I see your point about Eternal Sunshine, but in the end I didn't feel that Kaufman was emphasizing the mean-spiritedness of humanity or human nature. The characters behaved erratically, regretfully, stupidly, all of which I find truthful, but the film ends on a hopeful note--the two lovers are helplessly interested in each other and thus willing to risk that entire mess again. Human nature wants to keep trying even if that sense of hope is arrived at after going through an absurd circle cruelty. I certainly agree with your weariness of Kaufman, though. He's done the same movie three times. I simply feel that in this version he got it right.

Joe, that bathtub poem is weird and hilarious. Poets in the bath! Hey, can't I get any peace and quiet in here? What a subject. What do y'all make of all the empty (or not so empty) receptacles in the poem? (cistern, turtle shell, snake skin[not really a receptacle, but it's in the same vein])


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