Monday, December 20, 2004

Ok. Thought this might be fun. Came home all caffeined up and spat out a poem. So I'll post it below and you can critique or edit or do what you will. I'm sure there are things I would change if I sat and thought on it, and it'll be interesing to see if you focus on the same things. I spent about five minutes writing it, so I won't really care if you guys rip it apart:

I wanted to keep bottle up in air as long as possible
Not against floral patterned backdrop,
But you better be when I get back or I won’t be will I?
In atrium’s aquatic grape lights,
The more intimate original,
An argument I cannot possibly win.
Perhaps you weren’t giving the night sky your full attention because your eyes were
Distracted. But I was a clean slate,
A thing of the past.
Who else would dazzle us wearing three outfits at the same party?
When I leave the room, is this religion coincidence?
You asleep, blue baby in the Virgin’s arms?
Could be hiding beneath otherwise smooth skin.
I didn’t do any dropping in,
Transparency of the damp base of the tooth,
My nameless crocodile.


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