Saturday, May 29, 2004

Sorry I can't spell--I meant exorcise, of course.

So Jorge I found a used copy of your m loncar's 66 galaxie today, and since it's so short I already read it. I at least have to say it's better than I expected given the lower-casedness and two and three line poems and the interest in concrete-poetry style arrangement of lines. In fact, the only real problem--although I think it's a big one--is that a lot of the statemets and images are not as original or interesting as the author thinks they are. The book is pretty narrative in the most straightforward sense which bugs me a little but is ultimately alright. I just wish there was something more happening. The world of the poems is interesting: a sort of Classic Hollywood film lived in the present which feels at the same time both retro and modern. On the level of language though, there's nothing. The sentence constructions are simple and the vocabulary is simple and the imagery is simple. I guess that could be a good thing, but i just feel like they're needed to be more depth somewhere. I feel like his Cummings influence is hurting him a lot; he thinks he can get away with the little bit he's got if he gives it a lot of room to breathe and hopes the empty page will add some weight--a strategy that rarely worked for Cummings and hence only a hndful of good poems for him. On the plus side loncar does move well from line to line, even in the rarer moments where the don't logically follow. There isn't much wrong with what's there, as long as it's enough for you and for me it's not.


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