Friday, May 07, 2004

Hi everyone! I was going to wish y'all a belated Cinco de Mayo yesterday but I got lazy, or distracted and/or diverted. Probably all of the above. There is a Cindo de May festival here in Chicago on Elston but the weather has been sporadic (ie 80's yesterday, 50's today?). It always makes me say wtf. I apologize that my posts are not very writing-centered as I'm not much of a writer but a designer. But there are enough writers on this blog to make up for it. Where are you guys?

What are everyone's plans for the summer? It's work work work for me. In case you're wondering, I work for these guys. I am also in the midst of designing Jorge, "the cheez", Sanchez a website.

On another non-writing subject, I just found out recently that a former Loyolan will be getting hitched. I cannot call him an alumni as he did not graduate. For those of you who remember Brent Cline, send your congrats to him. He's joining the ranks of marriage-dom (not a real word) as are several members of this blog... or at least by the end of the year they'll be.

So, anyway Happy belated Cinco de Mayo!


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