Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Jorge, it's not surprising that the writers who are most frequently ignored (i.e. poets) would turn to blogs--sort of like a notebook or journal made public--where, though no one may really be listening anyway (as is usually my fear in cyberspace--it's all blather and no real listening/reading, no dialogue, etc.), they at least have the pleasure of public exposure.... Exposure... exhibitionism, goes with and against poetic tendencies, making the personal public, etc...

Since we're on the topic of poetry (imagine that!), here's a cool one I came across recently. It's by the great Martinique poet Aimée Césaire, trans. by Clayton Eshleman, better, of course, in the French!!

Sun and Water

My water won't listen
my water sings like a secret
My water does not sing
my water rejoices like a secret
My water ferments
and rejoices through every reed
to the very milk of laughter
My water is a little child
my water is a deaf man
my water is a giant holding a lion to your chest
oh wine
vast immense
owing to the basilisk of your rich complicitous gaze


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