Thursday, June 10, 2004

wow, our blogs back, baby! I'm at the end of my workday and so may have more to say tomorrow or this evening but I'd like to say this: Hugo says art's an act of self-acceptance and I'm inclined to agree. I'm not so sure that all art is political or that the choice to engange in any kind of art as a hmmm, vocation? is a political act either. Writing poems dosen't make me feel political or that I've drawn some line in the sand, it makes me feel like me.

something for your poems, eh?

oh and one other thing about the torture poems. perhaps I'm playing the devil's advocate a bit but what about the jarring shifts in tone to point to the fact that these are 18, 19, 20yr olds who have lived completely sheltered lives and found themselves in that situation. I'm not relieving them of blame, but there is something to be said about the fact that those soldiers are "all-american" in a way we need to start takling a hard look at.


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