Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So here’s me ipod mashup. I hopeth for no crapeth which there is mucheth on me ipod.

#1 Car, Built to Spill, The Normal Years: Well this is a good way to start. I am pleased that this is the starting song. This is an older song of their’s, from the album with the beer can on the front. Good album, but with a much rougher and maybe more juvenille sound than the later stuff.

But this song is killer. All killer, no filler. “I wanna see movies of my dreams.”

And how about that Doug Martsch looking like our very own Mike “Tagashi Eater of Souls” Anichini? Anyone hear from Mike in Ioway?

#2 The Big Ship, Brian Eno, Another Green World: NATE! Did you get into my ipod and lay down some Eno tracks? This is a really pretty lil song though. Slowly modulating electronics. Songs like this with the slowly builidng keyboards and light percussion always make me think they are sountracks to big life moments. Like they should be playing behind me while I am on a desert road trip or looking out of a window in a jet to Brazil. Of course the iPod is soundtracking all of our lives as we walk around and get on bikes and trains.

#3 Blackjack, Tortoise, Standards: Well aren’t I instrumental these days? This is from my favorite Tortoise album. I saw Tortoise this summer at the Intonation festival in Chicago. It was brillant. The day had been dusty, around 90 some degrees, and I had a full concert the next day too. So at around 9 Tortoise, the last act, gets on. With the skyline from the perspective of the West Side (the best view), I sat my dirty, dusty, self down on the trampled grass with Jason, had a beer, a smoke or two, and watched as the rock concert crowd thinned out to people all sitting down to watch Tortoise and their visual aids. Skyline, relaxation, excellent band. One of my best show experiences ever.

#4 Spicer, Sticks and Stones, Sticks and Stones: This is a Chicago experimental jazz band that has one of the Isotope 217 guys in it. This particular piece is mello, but not crazy and atonal as the rest of the album. Just some drum skittering and a rising bass line in the background. Chicago jazz is amazing, live, and well. What I hate is that even the jazz stations from Chicago don’t play these guys. Hey lets have some more Ramsey Lewis! It gets depressing. Check out these guys, Chicago Underground, Sao Paulo Underground, Isotope 217, Mandarian Movie, Brokeback, these are all great avant garde Chicago bands or w/ Chicago ties.

One more to go, can have another good one?

#5 12XU, Minor Threat, Minor Threat: The Complete Discography: HAHAHAHA! I almost blew out me ol ears with this after the quiet Sticks and Stones. Only a minute long and what can I say? Ian MacKaye rocks. I don’t even know what 12XU means? But I do love that I can feel entirely like the 15 year old I never got to be when I listen to them.

And the 6 spot, for good measue is Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again) by Sly and the Family Stone. Hot DAMN!


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