Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ok, the iPod shuffle game. As Nate proposed. I have 6,589 songs currently living in my ipod. Let's see what comes alive!

1. A Tchaikovsky piano adagio played by Artur Rubenstein.
What can i say? I am a snob now. Although this track did come off some random Rubenstein anthology, so it is so stripped of its original context. So I am a faker too. Next track:

2. A Night In Tunisia: Miles Davis
Man, so far I look way cultured. This is a good one too: Got this crazy bass opening and really cool percussion. A definite toe-tapper. I think this is from the Blue Note period, which if I remember the story correctly, Miles had signed on for a several-album contract. Then Columbia offered him a bigger deal, and to fulfill his contract with Blue Note, he did a slew of albums in a row. Just cranked them out to get to the big money. Next:

3. Juanita. By the Flying Burrito Brothers.
Honestly, I don't think I have ever listened to this song before. I got it from my brother. It's country. And I just can't get into. Skip ahead:

4. Maybe After All by the Trembling Blue Stars.
Not my favorite song, but I like the album (Alive to Every Smile). They're British and upset about some girl. Good sappy relationshipy songs and a great full sound. Kind of like the Doves, I guess. Ok, now this song is just depressing. Let's see our finale:

5. Here's to You by Joan Baez (off the Life Aquatic Soundtrack).
Oh, this song is awesome. "Here's to you Nicola and Bart/Rest forever here in our hearts/The last and final moment is yours/That agony is your triumph" A song about Sacco and Vanzetti, so at least it makes me look political. This song does give me chills. And its not a bad soundtrack either.

That was fun. I can't beleive Belle and Sabastian didn't come up. What did others get:

Foornote: The 6th Song to come up was Kick Out the Jams by the MC5, which still makes me want to break things (starting with The Man).


Blogger chad said...

that is sweet. I was going to one last night, but i didn't get too. soon comrades. I am thinking of using this technique to make mixes for friends

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