Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hi, all!
I'm slow...definitely a perpetrator of inactivity on the blog.

Joe, glad you're safe & hope life in Houston is as good as it can be.

About Broken Flowers, haven't seen it yet. But my parents hated it...therefore I will probably love it.

Congrats, Matt, on the have a comrade on the PhD path now that Nate's committed to the insanity that is UW-Madison. I'm glad I got out while I could.

But job-hunting isn't any better. In the mean time, you all need to come and visit Madison. (Except for Matt, because Nate & I owe you a few visits in your neck of the woods.) It's a good town...and will be better once I have a little something to keep me occupied during the day. I'll try to use my time by contributing a little more to the blog.



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