Tuesday, April 27, 2004

sancho just informed me about this blog. at first i thought a blog was a rogue character from george lucas' crappy new star wars movies, then i realized i read the news on a regular basis and knew what a blog really was. blog blog blog. it's kind of fun to say.

well, hello all.

holy canoly, a hot girl just walked past my window. my god, she's walking into my building. i've never seen her before. who is this woman? i will investigate and report back later.

i'm still in a.a. (the town not the recovery group though some would suggest something here). i'm trying to get a job and move back to chicago or move back to chicago and get a job. currently working on a new book now that the semester's over and the student papers are nearly completely graded, not that the first book is published or anything...jerks. i hesitate to say what it is yet, but trust me, it's abnormal.

i haven't quite caught up on your conversation thus far, but will try and keep up now that i'm a blogger. i feel as though getting a bunch of poets together in a forum of rambling is a bit dangerous and could potentially hijack a lot of server space. am i the only one with this concern? happy tales to all of you. i hope to be in touch often, potentially biblically (this means you hund, you magnificant bastard. you're an adonis—did i spell adonis correctly?). go cubs.


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